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RESULTS POSTED -Guess the Score of this Mule Deer buck!

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I went over to Bobby Beeman's house the other day to score this great muley he got in Utah a few months ago. Hopefully he will share his hunt story with you all after I post these pics for this contest.


For this contest you are guessing the GROSS Boone and Crockett Score (the total inches before deductions) of this deer. Just as an fyi there are two small non-typical points on the right antler. One is near the upper fork and one near the burr. They are a little hard to see in the pics, so you will have to look hard for them.


The top 5 guesses closest to the actual score will win either a Havalon knife or a CouesWhitetail.com tshirt (winner can choose).

To learn more about havalon knives, click here:


to see tshirt designs, click here:



The contest will run until Feb 3, 2012 at 5 pm. Please post your guess in this thread.

If for some reason you already know the score of this buck, please do not guess in this contest.


Many thanks to Bobby for allowing me to use his awesome buck for this contest.











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