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Back to Back Bulls

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Well I was fortunate enough to draw another early bull tag this year. This year I would be chasing rutting bulls with a bow in hand in a unit I personally had never elk hunted before.  My hunting  partner and I spent a lot of time this summer running cameras and scouting with very little to show. About 2 weeks before season everything changed and the bulls started to move in. 


The hunt started off great with good rutting activity and several solid bulls to chase. Opening day found me in a pocket of 5 or 6 bulls tearing up. The bulls were very responsive to calling and several smaller bulls were passed. The second morning of the hunt had me intercepting my target bull and his cows. The cows passed by me at 10 yards broadside but the bull opted to walk right to me. At full draw the bull was staring me down at no more than 4 yards when one of his cows circled behind and winded me. The cow barked and the bull started to take off. I managed to stop the bull and guessed him at 35 yards with no tome to range and let it fly but he ended up being at 51. 


That night while heading back to camp I had a black heffer jump in the road in front of me. As I hit the breaks and tried to avoid hitting her my side by side decided to flip over. Miraculously I walked away with a bruised arm and a sprained ankle. I ended up coming home to recover and hopefully able to hunt again later in the hunt. 


Wednesday I was able to head back up and give it another go. With my ankle in a brace and immobilized as much as possible I was able to stalk a great bull but was unable to seal the deal. 


Thursday morning I decided to head to an area we scouted and saw several good bulls. We got in the area and had bulls sounding off all around us. We played cat and mouse with a group of 6 bulls that had 2 groups of cows. After calling to the bulls for 30 minutes while working in on them one of the bulls finally committed. The bull worked from across the canyon right to me. The bull was at 30 yards when I let the arrow fly. He started to walk when I released and I hit him a little back but still in the liver. I immediately started to cow call and the bull stopped at 20 yards. I was able to get another arrow in him and this time took out his lungs. The bull ran about 20 yards and piled up. 



This hunt definitely won’t be one that I will forget anytime soon. Can’t thank all the guys in camp enough for all the help and encouragement. 

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51 minutes ago, CatfishKev said:

You were lucky to even be able to hunt after wrecking your ride. Congrats

The fact that I didn’t hit my head or break any bones is an absolute miracle. I have been counting my blessings and am already looking into ways to make the rig safer

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See Christian , All those years You donated time to the Elk society paid off.  You were young then ,now You have learned alot and I am happy for You . Don't know if You help out any more. I Spent enough $ on them in the first 10 years of exsistance. Now its others turns.   Congrats Buddy.............BOB!

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