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when an average hunter gets a strip tag. In the field updates

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Day 3 updates  end of Phase 1

I knew I only had a little bit, So I parted ways with my brother so he could make the 11 hour drive back to tucson and went close to camp.   I climbed a little knoll and started glassing within a few minutes I see this.


I decide to get closer and make a 1/2-3/4 mile stalk.  of course I lose them for a bit and then I look to my right and this is what I see, less than 120 yards away25-2.thumb.PNG.1b598da8b90ed2dd58c68d0baa22052b.PNG



I'm trying to figure out if they are shooters when this guys shows his head and has the coolness factor.  89 yards away




Ten bucks are around me all of a sudden in waist high oak scrub for 20-30 minutes. I try to make a move to get closer than I get pinned by this guy around 60 yards


They make a move to there mid day resting spot and I parallel them then this guy catches movement


jig is up.  I go to the top enjoy the view and eat an orange and start the long trip back to show low.  3 hours at the only tire shop open on sunday in utah (walmart) I get  home about 1100 needing to go to my office in scottsdale for a few days I left this morning at 400.  Man I am a little delirious as I write this.  three more days and I will be back for 10.  I now know what to expect and I may even have a target buck in mind.  




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20 minutes ago, CatfishKev said:

Its like your hunting the land of milk and honey.

It's like I'm playing hunting on Xbox but in real life. The deer are so much bigger up there, it hard for them to hide in the pine areas.  Some really great deer are not shy of people. 

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Awesome stuff...thanks for all the updates and pics. Can’t wait for the next round. Take care of business and get your head clear before you get back in the game and good luck!

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I haven't had a tag there, but watching this post is dang good. 


Keep at it and whack a good one. Thank you for sharing your ride with us!

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