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My Kaibab buck

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After eleven years I drew my 12 AW  late tag.  Due to health issues two of my three doctors said I should not go deer hunting.  Fortunately one of my doctors said I could go but not by myself.  I knew I had to hire a guide and I decided to hire Duwane Adams. Duwane has been guiding on the Kaibab for 40 years and knows every two track road and ridge to glass from. Usually a hunter gets one guide but I had three, Duwane, Rick Wyler and Johnny Wyler. I had never harvested a mule deer so I was looking forward to a fun hunt. In addition I  had spent one day on the Kaibab in the past 35 years so I knew nothing about the unit.

Opening day was cool and clear after 3 days of snow. They found a nice buck at first light but I missed the 440 yard shot.  I was told the shots would be long and they were right. The rest of the first day were multiple sightings of nice 150 to 170 inch  deer. I was looking for something better after waiting more than a decade. Days two and three were much the same seeing multiple bucks but passing on them.

Monday, day 4 was clear and bright but the weather forecast was for high winds later in the day with snow for days 5,6,7 and 8.  I was concerned about the weather and the possibility of bad and dangerous road conditions so there was some concern in my mind.

Mid morning Johnny found a  buck bedded in some oak brush.  We could see the buck' right side but could not see his left side.  We could not tell if he had 4 points on his left side.  So we glassed for 40 minutes and finally Duwane said get the gun and shoot that deer. We ranged him at 350 yards and I took the shoot with the 270 WSM.  I could not see anything but everyone said he was hit hard.  He went behind a tree and we lost sight of him.  We waited an hour and found him.  The shot was good.

I did not know how vast the Kaibab is. It is a tough hunt to scout for because the deer are migrating every day and a person needs to know where the deer are going and how they get there.

One thing I wanted in addition to a great deer was to have a fun time with lots of laughs. I got all of that and more.

Another thing that was important to me was not to feel any pressure in case I missed  a shot,  could not keep up with guides,  or could not go to certain areas because of my health issues. Having three guides with me caused me some nerves early in the hunt having three people watching me shoot.  In addition when I took the shot three of Duwane's friends including a former client were behind me.  I was comfortable because we talked about my nerves a bit and they alleviated my concerns.


I want to thank Duwane, Rick and Johnny for a great hunt and an enjoyable experience.



kaibab deer 019.JPG

kaibab deer 027.JPG

kaibab deer 022.JPG

kaibab deer 006.JPG

kaibab deer 025.JPG

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Thanks for sharing your pics and report!  That is a great deer.   Glad you had a great hunt with Duwane.  He's always been a helpful guy the few times I've chatted with him.

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Congrats , I did it last year with Duyane and his camp can't be beat. Beautiful Deer Sir...............BOB!

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Great Buck ! The Kaibab is a fantastic place to be for sure !



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