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My 2019 buck!

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Hey guys! Been a while since I’ve been on the forums, but I wanted to share my 2019 buck this year!


This is a buck I found in the summer of 2018. Saw him in July scouting and got 160yd of him opening weekend of early archery. I didn’t see him again the next two weekends, didn’t see him scouting this year when I found out I drew the late tag, and didn’t get him on camera at all.


This years hunt comes around and I packed in enough food and water and winter clothing for a 4 night backpack hunt. Get camp set up early Saturday morning, top the ridge to my area and the hillside is covered in deer. A couple good bucks, a couple small bucks, and a few does are milling about and this guy I dubbed Mr. Eyeguards from 2018 is in with them pushing everyone around! Spotted them at 500yd, moved in to 350yd and then had to wait him out a few times as he was either behind a tree, skylined, and once he even topped over and I thought I would lose him. He finally came back over and stopped quartering to me and I put one shot through his front shoulder. My 2019 hunt was done in just a couple hours!


Velvet pics are from 2018, he lost an extra on his right side. He’s my first rifle buck, first time filling a tag on day 1, first time getting a “target” buck, and my biggest buck so far!








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Sweet Ben didn’t know you were on here too. 

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