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Girls and Hunting

are you kidding me?

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I put my wife in for elk this year to give all the older guys I hunt with in my camp a big middle finger. They have always said no women in camp. Personally my wife cuddles better than any of them, is a better shot and doesn't smell as bad. Happy wife happy life.

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If someone doesn't hunt the way you do, that doesn't mean they're doing it wrong. - 6ANut

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I'm raising three sons and a couple of my best hunting buddies have mostly daughters. Their girls have no trouble at all "keeping up with the boys". If anything, I find girls are more willing to listen and learn, as boys sometimes have a tendency to get ahead of themselves and assume they know more than they do. Some of my favorite hunting moments on this site, and just in general are young ladies getting it done. Be it elk, deer, javi, turkey, even bear, the gals are putting up some serious trophies - and it's not just the kiddos. Some of the best archery coues and elk I've seen were taken by lady hunters.


TJ, to your original post, I grew up in a similar environment. Family usually got together on Thanksgiving and Christmas - we'd go shoot and catch everything that moved (Southern Oklahoma), so the meal consisted of rabbit, squirrel, quail, catfish, crappie, bass & crawfish that were too big for bait. The boys did the catching, Grandma and the aunts did the cleaning and cooking. A couple of my cousins though really threw a wrench in the works. They were both girls and would rather be out with the boys doing the killin' and catchin' than the cleanin' and cookin'. 


My take is, I am really glad to see moms and dads taking their sons and daughters out and teaching them every aspect of it. The kill doesn't end when the animal is down, and I intend to teach my boys as much as I can about the animal from the way it lives, to they way we make good use of it to the best of our abilities. And I see other dads teaching their daughters the same things. 


Hunting doesn't draw gender lines. Some like it, some don't. Some like certain parts more than others, but I've seen as many great female hunters as I have great male game chefs. 

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Here is another way to look at it.  When you're out in the field and there is nothing happening one could start a little with your wife or girl friend.

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Here is another way to look at it.  When you're out in the field and there is nothing happening one could start a little with your wife or girl friend.

Gives a whole new meaning to  "white-tail" hunting

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Heck I have to take my wife hunting she is the only one that gets drawn. When that happens the hunt becomes all about her I am just there as a pack mule and give guidance once in a while. Would not trade it for anything.

When my daughter was born 5 years ago I told my wife that she would get her first gun when she turned 4. There was a total luck of discust from my mother in law with a comment of "what makes you think she will be into that" my only reply was that she didnt have a choice. She is the proud owner of a hot pink 22lr and is the first person to get in the truck when we go out. Looking forward to lots of trips with all my family involved.

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and not a single pic of tiffany lakosky was posted that day.

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My wife can out shoot and out fish me.

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I have a daughter and id like to see someone tell her she's not welcome in a hunting camp. if she wants to be there, she'll be there!

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You can't stop these girls! They love to be outside with Dad.





C'mon September........

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I am glad to see so many men here that are taking their daughters and wife hunting/fishing with them and really enjoying it!  One of the things that amazed me when I first started the Women's Javelina Camp four years ago was the number of older ladies that wanted to go hunting (older = >60 years old).  When they came to the camp they said they were never invited to go hunting when they were younger or even worse told they were not welcome.  So these older ladies were so excited to have a welcoming environment at the women's camp where they could come learn to hunt.  The very first lady that killed a javelina at our first camp was one of the older ladies and she told me it was on her bucket list of things to do before she died.  How great that we could make her dream come true. 


In recent times I think it's become more acceptable for women to get out there and hunt.  I think our younger generation is enjoying this change in attitude.  It's a refreshing thing to see anyone following their passion, whether it's boys or girls.  Thanks to all of you who are helping develop passions for the outdoors!  

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My grand mother, mom, wife and daughter are 4 generation of proof that women can hunt.
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i took my wife hunting once....we were puddle jumping ducks.  we finally hit a tank with a duck on it, and i jumped him, raised my shotgun, and my wife started crying and begging me not to shoot it.  It flew 20 feet right over my head as i lowered my shotgun and asked why not.  She said, cuz it is all by itself, and i don't want you to kill it. 


Last time she ever went hunting with me.


That said, i have been putting her in for elk lately, so she's gonna go if i have to drag her out there, lol.  


Getting her out of the mall and into the woods has been a real chore for me, but i'm still working on it.  


Don't get me wrong, i completely understand guys who leave their wives at home for a little guy time.  I have no prob with that at all.  But sometimes i'd like to have her along, but she won't stand for it.


My sister, however, still has the biggest buck in out immediate family.  


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one of my favorite tales involved my mom and grandma out hunting together in skull valley circa 1955.  they were sitting in granddads gmc waiting for shooting light to go quail hunting when they noticed a lion circling the pickup.  there was a bounty on lions and with christmas coming up mom wanted to kill it.  but.  grandma wouldn't give mom any ammo for the 12 gauge 'cuz she was sure birdshot wouldn't kill it but only make it mad.  they argued over that for the rest of their lives.



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Great topic, I agree, these girls are amazing hunters! Just so happened, that my daughter shot her javelina this morning.  Kendra also harvested this fine cow in October! Not to bad for a senior in high school, let me tell ya, them high school boys are jealous!


These girls make a great hunter camp, this weekend we had a group hunt with about 12 tags.  These girls put a whipping on the boys, 2-1 in the harvest category... 

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I have 2 daughters that I am hoping will take up hunting. My wife has no interest in hunting but she likes to go fishing in the summer time when we go on vacation. I'll settle for that.

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