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2018 Pig/Deer

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Most of you know how much I love to hunt pigs. Not sure if it's the age creeping up on me or I'm slipping my A-game on these little stinkers. I put in more hours this year than ever before and hunted just about none stop. Living mostly in Tonto Basin now gave me the opportunity to hunt close to my trailer. The archery pig season was nearing an end and I was fortunate to have this muley walk within 30 yrds of me. It was nearing dark when I decided the day was about over and this guy shows up. After I flung an arrow I headed for the truck to calm my nerves. I called my good friend Ilene who had been hunting with me, and told her what just happened. It was starting to rain and I was afraid the blood trail might be in jeopardy. All went well and I'm forever grateful for her help packing it out in the dark and rain.


The javelina turned out to be the biggest I have ever shoot. My partner Scott and I had success finding these with a left over tag down in 36A. My wife shot her's with a muzzleloader which we skinned at our trailer park here in Tonto. Here are a few pictures. Sorry if they are sideways. Maybe someone can straighten them out for me.














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What a great couple of hunts and trophys! Congrats TJ!

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Well, age may be creeping up on you but from the looks of the photos you're still creeping up on the game and getting it done. I have never been able to get both my pig and deer in January. It is something I hope to accomplish one of these years.

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