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Found 125 results

  1. hello all. sorry I am new to this post so please forgive my lack of knowledge. anyway here is my question hopefully I am doing this right. there are six of us going to hunt in January malay gap unit for elk. I have zero knowledge of this hunt and any information whatsoever would be greatly appreciated. Can we use atvs? Do we need a guide? how far is a typical shot you need to take if you get the chance. what kind of bulls can we expect to see. etc. thank you for your time
  2. Coues Stew

    A little of everything

    Intended for this to be a new elk spot but wouldnt you know!
  3. Most of this is a repeat from the 6A bulls thread but a few members thought it would be a good idea to start a new thread. It's already been a week since this bull went down and I am still pumped! Here is the story... My brother in-law Greg and I were hitting it hard since opening morning and we were into bulls every morning within 30 minutes. The bulls were very quiet so we just kept the wind in our favor and began to still hunt then spot and stalk. We got on a decent size herd Saturday morning and spotted a monster bull and a nice 5x5. We hauled butt to get in front and set up. Never saw the big bull but the 5x5 walked right up to us at 30 yards. This was the closest I had ever been to a bull and it was awesome! He never gave us a shot opportunity and eventually squirreled away. Sunday night was the only night we found a bull in the evening and I missed on a downhill 60 yard shot. Right over his back. At the time I was a bit discouraged but knew that's how it goes sometimes. Apparently it wasn't the bull that was meant for me. Monday was the slowest day we hadn't seen a bull all day and we put in some miles. Monday evening we hit one spot and the wind was all wrong so we backed out and moved to a different area. Wind was good, hitting us in the face so we began moving but didn't see or hear anything. Then about 6:30 we stopped and were ready to make it back to the truck. In one last attempt I decided to try and call to get a response. The first was a bugle. We had some success with the cows calling back if they were in the area.Then I grabbed my mouth diaphragm and started up with some cow calls I had been practicing. A few seconds later we heard a bugle but not just any bugle we knew he was on his way and coming in fast. We had seconds to get behind a bush and I was going to position my brother in-law a little further back to continue calling but the bull was already on us so we stayed put. He hung up at the end of a clearing and was looking in our direction to find where the call came from. Then he started trotting again and circling us to get wind. I immediately went to the other side of the bush and drew back. I asked for a range and he was way too far and now staring in our direction. It felt like I held my bow for the longest time until I couldn't do it anymore. So I attempted to let down with him staring and just knew he was going to spook. Thankfully he didn't notice and it took all my strength to let down as smoothly and as subtly as I could. He began moving around us again still out of wind and slowly coming in closer.My heart was racing and my hands were a little shaky. We were focused on the bulls movement while trying to control our own as we were being eaten alive by mosquitoes. Finally he stopped provided me with a broadside shot with his eyes behind a tree.I knew this was my opportunity and I remember Greg telling me "you got this". I drew back and took a couple deep breaths trying to control my nerves. I put my pin on the spot, waited a few seconds and let the arrow fly. He immediately bolted. I didn't see the shot but not 5-7 seconds later we heard a large crash. We weren't sure if he was down or crashing through the trees in the canyon he ran into. I slowly made my way to the shot area and just stood there still in shock. My brother in-law followed and started looking for sign and I just heard him say "Dude, come here". I looked down and there was blood everywhere. We peaked down the canyon and there he was piled up about 125 yards away. It was over. I don't know if he moved or my shot went forward but it went in the neck and severed the major arteries. It was over very quickly for him and for that I was thankful. I fully intended to take the first bull that would have provided me with the opportunity. I really just wanted to gain some experience and get the first one done. I spent tons of time this summer scouting for areas with lots of elk, practicing in different shooting scenarios and working on my calls in the truck to and from work. I think the hard work we put in paid off and I was happy we were able to get it done. A big thanks to Greg. We worked well as a team and had some laughs too. I am glad he introduced me to archery and hunting. Also a thank you to my wife Jaime. She spent a lot of time scouting with me this summer and of course for putting up with my new found obsession. Now the pictures!! Signature Taxidermy in Flagstaff scored this bull at 350 1/8".
  4. Ive got a rifle elk hunt up in 4A on Nov 29th. I camp up on the rim every summer but have never hunted the unit or been up there that late in the season. I know it all depends on the snow - wondering if anyone has hunted that unit during the late season. Appreciate any advice!
  5. Im over by the 260 and Young Hwy and brought a bear tag w me as well (just in case). I've seen 5 Muley does but no bucks this evening but I just got here so that is a good sign. I thought for a second I might be doing a quick turnaround to no avail because the only thing sticking out we're their big ole ears. If anyone has an Elk tag I would be happy to assist. I've seen 2 Cows and a really nice Buck. I didn't count the points but he had a really nice rack on em. Good luck if you're hunting and congrats if you tagged out. Hopefully I'll be one of those tomorrow.
  6. My first bull, rifle 5A, 1971. My daughter, Stacy, is now 41. Where does the time go! This was the third bull elk I had seen in my life, the other 2 were rag horns I saw while deer hunting a month earlier.
  7. big one following 3 minutes behind. Do you think it's a mom and older cub? or Boar following sow? any thoughts on how big this bull and buck are going to be based on the date taken?
  8. StanB

    Arizona Unit 27 Archery Elk

    Looks like my credit card got charged by AZ, my first choice was for Archery Elk in Unit 27. I've never hunted in there before and would appreciated any input regarding elk numbers, hunter numbers / density, effects of the Wallow fire, 2013 moisture so far, etc. Thanks in advance!! Stan
  9. We noticed some unique features on this bull when he came in the shop, and at the request of the hunter, we recreated this "Old Monarch of the Mountian" for him. The G&F aged this bull at 15+, he had only 4 teeth left! Here is the link to the original story. http://www.coueswhitetail.com/forums/topic/29079-wackin-and-stackin-with-the-golden-ticket-and-chasin-a-dream-outfitters/?hl=%2Bgolden+%2Bticket
  10. cosninocanines

    Feed is for the Birds

    With the new snow I filled the bird feeder yesterday and last night my friends emptied it. There were 2 rag bulls but they didn't come in to the feeder just milled around in the background, in all I counted 21 elk. The Approach At the Trough Eating from the spicket It's not polite to stare Down to the last drop You missed one
  11. A nice rifle I bought new back in the 70's. Killed an elk with it in 1978, but haven't used it much since, as a mag is really not needed in Missouri for deer. It has Sako scope rings, but no scope. Could send pictures if you email me at dball534 at charter.net. I'd say the condition is excellent. Asking $995.
  12. WildHeritageTaxidermy

    Mountain Lion and Elk mounts finished up.....

    Here's a couple more finished up.....
  13. Thesteeleboy

    Where are all the Elk pictures

    I had a great Hunt in unit 6A this year due in part to the help I received from friends Ive made on this site. Unfortunately I experienced a week moment and shot my bull on day three of the hunt sending me home early. I could use some more Elk hunting stories and pictures to help get me through the winter. Please post em if ya got em.
  14. PackerMenges


    Found these sheds in a new area we were hunting. All were found on one ridge. This one scores 192'' Also, a coues found many years ago during spring works on one of the ranches. Side view
  15. 200"mulie

    Late bull down

    Well my bussy went up Wednesday. Checked his cam down low and no elk on cam. Set up camp Thursday up high and found two groups of bulls. Me and his other buddy showed up Friday mourning at 1:30am. got couple hours of sleep and it was time to eat breakfast. The plan was stay near the top of the ridgeline and hope to run into some bulls. Since the ground was frozen out in the open from the dew and 18 degree temperature. Well we ran into couple cow elk right out of camp but no bulls. We crossed the main road and up another hill ... no more elk but deer sign everywhere. While we get to the edge of the hill we glass some pockets of meadows we can see and still nothing ... no deer no elk ... no nothing. While other two guys are talking about the "plan" i hear a short bugle across the small valley. We end up hurrying down and up this small valley to hopefully catch this bull moving. By time we get to cresting this hill some water bottles fall out of my pack. I take it off and start putting the water bottles back in my pack and a hear our buddy whistle. I quickly look at him and he was pointed down in front of us. I turn more and see a cow elk making its way torward us in this small draw. We get on our knees hoping that they won't see us. From my point of view i can only see a small portion of this draw....i glass and glass and glass and not seeing anything more and my arms are getting tired so i let them down. Well that one cow i saw is now 30 yards away right in front of me and she snapped her head to me. I felt terrible that i ruined the hunt that mouring... but she turned back to my left cause my buddy is moving and she turns and takes the other elk with her (calf). But the guys are talking i cant hear them but they keep pointing down and talking. All of a sudden hear thats a good bull and my buddy moves into a better position. waiting and waiting .. .. .. .. .. and boom! I remember saying all right he got a shot on opening mourning! and than Boom! he shoots again .. .. .. now im starting to think ohh no he missed ! After couple mins he waived us over and starts shaking his head. He says his first shot was broadside and the bull quartered to him and stared at him. He puts another bullet in and on his second shot the bull didnt hump, flinch, it just ran and not seeing blood. Now we waited 10 mins and started looking for blood where the bull was standing .... not seeing anything we are getting discouraged after couple yards. All of a sudden i hear OH MY GOD !! THERE HE IS !!......he only ran 25-30 yards no blood at all .... We waited couple more minutes and poked him to make sure he was dead. We went to the off side to see the exit wound ... except there was none ! 180 grain 30-06 ?? really no exit ? it had an entry but no exit really strange. We took pics, tagged him, and gutted him ... i stayed with the elk while they got the truck. Luckily he dropped 30 yards from a road. Well since the wallow fire there arent that many good hanging trees anymore. We skinned him while his head was on the ground ... good learning curve there... not many pics but hope they work. This first one is how close we walked up by time we saw him.
  16. Long time veiwer first time poster....Well it was a very tough hunt. This unit in the late hunt is pretty much bumping into them or glassing sycamore canyon with a million other people. Since we were'nt trophy hunting we stayed up high and hit several places where I chased them for the archery bull hunt. Well after making the boy hike about 20 miles in 3 days he got tired. So we went and grabbed the ranger and decided to go glass sycamore for a biggin when out of nowhere this fella decided to peek his head out. Junior yells dad bull, I slam on the ranger brakes and he jumped out and grabbed the 30-06 and i grabbed the bipod. We ran about 30 yds to a fence and there he was. His head and neck were the only thing showing, i'm thinking dang he's gonna run, out of no where junior lets it rip and hits the elk right in the neck and this thing dropped like a brick...small spike thats gonna taste great. the boy is doing good, cow elk at 10, 3 pt deer at 11 now is first bull at 12. Now he wants to archery hunt after experiencing a rut hunt with me where the boys are everywhere...
  17. CouesBuckhunter

    AZ Extreme Bull Hunt!

    We have a new video up on YouTube! It's Michelle's 2012 AZ Archery Bull Hunt. She stuck it out and hunted hard, again congrats to Michelle on a great archery bull. Cole got great footage, my favorite part is the ending! Enjoy and thanks for watching!

    First Hunts Highlights Video

    Hey all, congrats to all the successful Elk hunters, looks like there's been some great hunts had by CWT.com members! I recently bought a new computer and software and just spent the last few days screaming at it, throwing things at it, and pulling all my hair out over it. Eventually I won the battle and finally figured it out...for the most part at least I don't have all the footage yet from our first hunts but since I have no patience I slapped together my first video with what I do have. Keep in mind this is my first attempt with this new software and my projects should get better from here on out! There is a special treat towards the end of this video that I know you all will love, and it's the primary reason why I just couldn't wait any longer to share this with you all! A buddy of mine, David, happened to be in the right place at the right time with the camera and it just happened to be one of my favorite bulls! Enjoy! JIM> [media=] [/media]
  19. CouesBuckhunter

    Advice Please

    Has anyone hunted the navajo nation for elk? New to the area so if anyone can point me in the right direction I'd most appreciate it.
  20. Coues Stew

    Possible Depredation Hunt

    Was wondering if anybody had any knowledge of depredation hunts in the Verde Valley? I have had a Coues salt set up in the wet beaver creek area for some time now , however my most frequent visitor happens to be a cow elk. My first thought that popped into my head was...JERKEY . I have also seen a few bulls in the area from time to time. Was wondering if anybody knew the boundary lines for the hunts and how to get one. Thanks!
  21. 200"mulie

    Early 2012 TC pics

    For April this guy isn't bad.... How many lick does it take....... No bucks but the herd looks good. And finally the bears......2 for sure but maybe 3 different bears what do you think?
  22. azarchery602

    LOST/STOLEN Quest Primal Hunting Bow

    Hey everyone I need your help. I am posting on all forums about this PLEASE keep your eyes and ears open for anyone who may have recently come up/found/stole a Quest Primal Hunting Bow today at Ben Avery Archery Range in Phoenix, Arizona. It was lost/stolen between 10am and 1230pm today at the range. A person I would like to talk to that was there was driving a silver Dodge Ram 4x4 with a rear window decal for Hunt Africa with an AZ phone number. They were the only ones at the range today beside me while I was there and would like to know if they seen anything or may have taken it thinking the owner left it, hopefully with the intention of finding the rightful owner. This is very important to me as it was gift from my father and I have an upcoming Bull Elk hunt this September . PLEASE PLEASE if you here anything coming out of AZ let me know. Thanks.
  23. rschaumb

    Surprise for the elk

    I love looking at everyone's trail cam photos so I thought I would share one from checking my trail cam yesterday. And the video: https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/QxYcy_WIgYctaQlJH0TPCsyJGkj94ZyIm1Xjsjmsyfw?feat=directlink Sorry for the link. I'm not sure how to imbed a video from picasa.
  24. Becker

    Elk Pedestal

    Thought you guys might like this one!!!
  25. G & F Commission meeting on May 11, 2012 includes a couple of items of interest about recent elk/antelope draws and the proposed Grand Canyon Watershed National Monument. Here's the link: http://azgfd.net/artman/publish/NewsMedia/Commission-to-meet-May-11.shtml Of particular interest on the agenda: A briefing on the 2012 elk and pronghorn online draw. A presentation on possible remedies for online elk and pronghorn draw applicants who were denied permits as a result of the recent credit card security breach involving a non-department payment processor for VISA and MasterCard. A briefing on the department’s analysis of the proposed Grand Canyon Watershed National Monument, and presentation of a draft resolution addressing overarching concerns regarding loss of multiple-use public lands due to special land use designations, including national monuments.