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    I would have a good talk to a lawyer first. Cover all bases.
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    What a horrible tragedy if what she is telling you is true. That being said, I'd be very leery of any conversations with the family of the deceased in fear of some kind of future litigation. You weren't a friend of this kid. you didn't know him. If he hung himself with a rope, would she go to Ace hardware and try to strike a conversation with the fellow that sold him the rope? Maybe I sound heartless, but If I were you, I wouldn't meet her.
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    Negative 👎 I would not talk to them. Sorry but that is just screaming trouble. Sad deal for sure.
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    I had a similar situation while I managed a gun store. It actually happened 3 times that I'm aware of.One was literally in the car just minutes after and I spoke with the family on scene. Just was shock but no follow up conversation. One was a murder suicide an hour later that I had spent an hour with them picking out the gun, holster, etc never even occurred to me was a possibility. and one was the mother bringing the gun back to the store to remove it from her life. Very difficult conversation but she was just grief stricken. In today's world though and given a choice, I would opt out. Good luck. That's a hard one. I would consult a lawyer if you decide to.
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    "I'm sorry for your loss. I see no need to meet." Good luck, Eddie
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    No upside. Really sad news. I suggest never speaking to them unless court ordered.
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    Wow, if true what a tragedy. I agree with all the other posters. Nothing to be gained for her or yourself.
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    And make sure you ask How much to buy the gun back after all he isnt sing it anymore. Stay the f'k away Shes a liberial and hates guns, she is going to blame you and put a guilt trip on you. Dont talk to her at all. if she persists block her phone number. if there was a problem the cops would have gotten ahold of you by now.
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    In the last two months, I have seen both trusts and individual between 6-11mo. 6-9 months ago, individuals were 3-4mo while trusts were 8-10mo. The caveat is, past wait times do not predict what wait times will be for an application submitted today. Do not believe anyone that says they know what wait times will be. I can tell you that submitting an ATF application now, at least gets you in line, and that not submitting an app is a sure way not to get an approval.
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    It varies depending on the suppressor. Generally speaking the tax stamp is $200. If you chose to do the kiosk, its a $35 fee. Which includes the cost of your fingerprints. The price of the Suppressor 500 and up.
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    If I remember correctly all in was like 12-1300. Add another $200 for each additional brake for each rifle that the can would attach to. In my opinion thunderbeast is the way to go. You throw a brake on each rifle and swap the can as needed. Best case scenario for a father of 5.
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    did you ask her what she wanted to talk about
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    Also, do not text message her!! Phones calls only.
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    100% negativo on the meet up, maybe a phone call if they are searching for some answers but that’s it. Did you do a bill of sale? Are you a 100% sure of his age? Cover your a$$ before you say anything!
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    Then let the hits begin
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    I would agree with Ed67, my buddy and I hunted on the Dos Plumas ranch last year and before we left we reserved for the this year. We will be hunting it next weekend, pricing is good, accommodations are comfortable, and there are plenty of hogs to choose from.
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    9 pts early archery bull 4a, 5bn daughter has 2 pts...youth elk or rifle cow. I forget which units