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    The wife got the call last Thursday so she took the tag. We knew we would only have the last 3 days to hunt but it would be fun. We saw 70 antelope the last 2 days after a couple misses she took this buck today. Not the biggest on the mountain but she was super excited with him.
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    I'm in 3C with a rifle tag. Little bugling, maybe an hour in the AM and an hour in the PM. Had multiple shot opportunities today including a 360 class bull in the morning at about 100 yards. Another 360 class this evening at about 40 yards. Lots of other smaller bulls as well. Nothing wrong with a 360. Prior to drawing this tag, I never imagined I would let a 360 walk, let alone 2 in one day. But this early, we are holding out for the next level.
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    I know! I wish torrey was more consistant at the plate. or better yet bring his era down when he starts and not give up sooo many home runs or blown saves! with this roster being 12th in offense and take away a handful of the blown saves and we are in. with the grenke trade, bringing the salary down around 116 mil vs boston 227 mil. should be able to add some key bullpen pitchers next season. did a heck of a lot better than I thought after not retaining some key players last season. and we got the better end of the goldshmidt trade. so from Boston perspective how pissed would you be if your team had the highest payroll and didn't make the playoffs? be .... heck they only have 2 more wins than the DBACKS! now pick a back up team who is in it and root for the dodgers to blow it for the 8th straight year!!! james
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    I did have a friend who did not realize how difficult a puppy can be and returned the dog to the breeder after a week. Most breeders I know request that if you need to give up the dog, that they get first dibs.
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    Not big enough for most CW’rs 5AEFFA98-6C8D-4230-9A95-7BD77337693B.mp4
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    Well, this thread is from quite a while ago, but I wanted to follow up on this. I'm not sure why Crankbait backed out when he was so gung-ho about going, but my wife and I ended up going and we had a GREAT time. Tony was extremely helpful and easy to work with. We drove down on Sunday September 1st and stayed at my wife's cousin's house in Hermosillo. The next morning we drove the rest of the way to Mazatlan. We drove back the following Sunday, and instead of stopping again in Hermosillo we drove straight through to our home. It took 14.5 hours, including 40 minutes at the border to cover the 850 miles. While down there we lounged on the beach and pools at the resort, visited the Malecon, the big Mazatlan Cathedral, the Mazatlan Aquarium, and many different restaurants. We stayed at Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay and we used the resort's free air conditioned shuttle to go to the other Pueblo Bonito resort that currently has a large section being re-modeled. We saw the open portion that has already been re-modeled and it is very NICE. This was the sunset from the beach on our last evening there. I am already looking forward to my next vacation in Mazatlan. I just wanted to say thanks again, Tony.
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    Was in 6A this past weekend helping my bro in law with his elk archery hunt. took pics below about 630pm while setting back making cow calls hoping to lure in bull.(another story for another thread). At any rate, a line of about 20 or so trotted along past me about 40yards out. Next morning ran into many more hiking through the woods about 5am a mile or so south. Bill Back Park area. goma
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    Game warden can help find the bull, if it’s a 2 animal one hunter situation, the meat from one goes to the church and the volunteers there will cut and package and donate to families in need.
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    Well the power line poacher is a member here and a few other @$$holes here also so you never know. Plus not a lot of tags if I'm not mistaken. Not illegal just immoral.
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    I don't recall saying he is? Just sharing what I saw
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    Actually manage our wildlife with biologically sound decisions...not $$$ as the reason. G$F has destroyed the mule deer and Elk herds in this state.
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    Any metalheads on here going to see Iron Maiden tonight? Continuing the geriatric metal tour...saw KISS in ABQ last week and ready to jam tonight.
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    I find it funny that the start of elk season always makes me think about the upcoming deer hunts. Is there really a better time to share a coues video than the day before elk season??😄 Elk suck! Coues are da best! Hope this gets some of you excited about the upcoming deer hunts.
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    True Horn Porn. I think the rut is ON!
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    Avila has been surprisingly good this year.
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    One thing about the Dbacks is they are just good enough to let their fans down year after year by flirting with that last wild card spot.
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    Don't even wanna talk about it................but I'm gonna anyway You can bank on Beard guy hitting the first batter then loading up the bases.............then serving up a home run ball....................almost like clockwork!!!! Like was said earlier....their all getting paid great money.....................gotta put on the big boy pants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I agree on Luvello. He makes very bad decisions in clutch situations and loses games. The bull pen sucked most of the year and he kept letting the likes of Yoshi blow the wins. Lopez has potential but he flat lost a few games as well and so did Archie. Torrey seems like a high school coach who tries to bring out the best of each player and to build their self esteem. Screw that. They are paid huge dollars and it is a business. You do the job or your butt is gone.
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    Pretty sure thats a blue grouse?
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    I've sent a couple of emails on observations the last couple of years on elk, deer herds and habitat (roads that have been 'opened' by recreational users over the years that have just become a normal road now that are killing great habitat in one particular until that I have hunted for 35 years now and have seen it change for the worse. I have received 0 response. If they are listening to their biologists, I would be shocked too. I think they also have forgotten where babies come from...
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    Had a bull at 20 yards at last light, but I have a cow tag. I had an opportunity to watch two bulls fighting by full moon light.
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    Just wait in town for the herd to cross the road. Good Luck