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    The link below displays an interactive map (I am developer) showing the latest perimeter for the Woodbury fire. Each time you open the map it also shows the latest satellite hotspot data. This project is a public service and part of my way to “pay it forward”. None of this data is ‘real time’. Never rely on any map to ignore an order to evacuate! The fire perimeter (red and black line) is determined as a result of an overnight flight by a plane equipped with infrared sensing gear. That data is then analyzed by fire staff in the wee hours and the resulting data is hosted on the NIFC FTP site for anyone to use. When there is a big fire (like this one) I get up early and make sure my map is displaying the most recent perimeter. Eventually this same perimeter data shows up on the Inciweb map but for reasons unknown (at least to me) it often takes hours for that to happen. OK - I just checked. The perimeter shown on the Inciweb *interactive* map is from June 20. Not helpful! There are two MODIS satellites (red triangle) and one VIIRS satellite (orange square). Together they make 4-6 passes per 24 hours. By the time you see satellite data on any map it is already 3-9 hours old. The map can display 20+ layers of authoritative data that are hosted on federal GIS (Geographical Information System) servers. For some tips on using the map, please click “Map tips” in the upper left corner. Next to the “Map tips” link there is a “Legend” link. Want to know more about what the satellite hotspot data shows and does not show? You can find that information in the “Map tips”. Want to make your own custom map link? Yup, see the Map tips. When you open the map it is zoomed in a bit on the most active area today. Open GISsurfer map: https://mappingsupport.com/p2/gissurfer.php?center=33.566846,-111.224732&zoom=12&basemap=ESRI_scanned_topo_USA&overlay=VIIRS_24_hours,MODIS_24_hours,GeoMAC_current_perimeters,ESRI_roads_and_labels&txtfile=https://mappingsupport.com/p2/special_maps/disaster/USA_wildland_fire.txt&fire=AZ,Woodbury
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    I have a BNIB Sig Sierra 3 BDX scope 4.5-14x44 , batteries never even put in. Nice little scope. 550 or best offer.
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    Took my buddy and his daughter out pig hunting this past year. First day was a snowy mess yielding no pigs. The following day we were able to turn up a group of pigs about a mile away. Took his 12 year old daughter and a pretty steep hike to get her 290 yards from the bedded pigs. One well placed shot from her 6.5 Grendel and the rest was all smiles!! Good day for sure Whitey Raegan_pig.mp4
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    Still for sale. Have it and the extra magazines too.
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    You can Recover deleted files from an SD card
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    It gets better, smart on no credit card.
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    I've thought about doing that too but that's a hard thing for me to do. I would need dog food or have a vet bill come up or my daughter would see something and go "mom, that would make me really happy" and it would be something I think she deserves cuz she really dont get a whole lot of extra stuff. And I couldnt say no lol.
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    Took the kid and her boyfriend out shed hunting today, She found the small elk shed in the 1st 10 mins then the old muley she 10 mins later. 1st time we went out specifically looking for sheds and she finds some. Last time we were on a turkey shed hunt trip and she found that deadhead.
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    Brand new Leupold VX-3i 4.5-14x50mm, 1 inch tube, duplex reticle, matte finish. This scope was mounted and then taken off and put back in the box. Only reason for selling is the 50mm objective lens is too high for my daughter's line of sight... $475 Now $450 Located in NW Tucson, 520-237-9643
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    You can borrow mine. It is set up for my wife so should be just the right size. It's a Mission MXB Dagger and all set to go. Has an adjustable stock if needed too. Draysen is a good kid so I have no worries with you borrowing it if you go that route.
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    Some Pretty good growth from a lesser unit (3bn). still needs to finish off growth on his tops