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    Flew back to Kansas for a few days to do some work on the farm, set some stands, minerals, cameras, and the highlight of our spring............. Turkey hunting! Incredible as usual and Max bagged his biggest bird to date with an 11" beard. Sorry about the photo fails....ggrr.
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    Congrats. My daughter And I are on our way home from Kansas now. we doubled up yesterday. Little creek calls slate call was too much for them to handle
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    Getting first shot this Thursday and will be ready for new loving home around the 6th. $600 pm or can txt 928-301-9169
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    Might have someone interested. I gave them your info
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    True story, I knew Roy and he loved to show the chunk of missing butt
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    I purchased a Colt Trooper/Python Pinto on here a couple of months ago. It needed to be rescued. I found the correct barrel on ebay, and took it to my gunsmith. Ordered new grips. The new grips i ordered are target grips but I'm probably going to get combat ones.
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    Out of 96 different lots, there is a total of 3 bids...... A-hole prices. I wish I could bid $100....
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    They all seem to have issues of some sort but I own a Genesis toyhauler. I know others that own them and they seem to hold up very well. I have owned Forest River, Fleetwood and Coleman trailers. This Genesis I have now seems to be better quality.
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    You can also call EuroOptic and confirm the twist rate. One company had a Tikka listed on Gunbroker, it was a 6.5x55 with a 1-11 twist. It was actually a 1-8.
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    We are northeast of Manhattan about an hour so pure eastern.
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    Closed for some remodeling during the winter. It should reopen soon
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    There is a chlorine pool chemical shortage, better stock up and hoard. Prices are skyrocketing and are hard to find. I guess this is the next ammo and toilet paper craze.
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    Thank you for explaining that. I totally forgot you can do that. I would keep them but I feel in love with the Maven product line.
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    I've had both. used them for work and hunting/camping. Depends on what your use is. Fifth Wheels might be better if your planning on living in it part time. The Gooseneck offest adapters help with how they hook up, but most compromise stability. I had an 9"offset gooseneck adapter for fifth wheel. BUT, I prefer bumper pull overall. I've got a 32' BP Toy Hauler now and its about right. Has plenty of sleeping space bedroom up front, two drop down queens, generator, fuel tank and can fit my ranger crew! no need for a monster fifth wheel. Fifth Wheel Pros: Can pull faster and more stable down interstate. Usually more room once set up. Usually some more storage. Cons: Loose room in bed, pain in butt to level and unhook, higher ain't always better. Taller hits trees. Bumper Pull Pros: Way easier to hook up (I even have sway bars to hook up). no loss of truck space, no risk of denting bed rails, easier to maneuver at gas station. Cons: Can't go 80 down I-10 as easy. (Still does 70 well w/sway bars). NO Other Cons for a BP IMHO.
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    Actually a sliding hitch and and anderson are good for 5th wheel in short beds. No problems with windows and clearance. I run an anderson on my short bed. My brother has an auto slider in his short bed.
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    Im blessed to be able to roam gods country on my mule following my hounds. I run into these kills probably more than the average hunter. Here are a few from 2020-2021 for you Coues nuts.
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    Next thing you know they won’t allow hats be worn in church. No cell phones in IC units in hospitals. No smoking when at the fuel station. Must wear PPE when in construction zones.
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    Or just throw on a mask out of respect for other people, and buy that curry sauce. They also have a good Marsala sauce
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    so your freedom is ok but trader joes has no freedom? Maybe they have employees with cancer? Maybe the manager has a daughter who is immune compromised and has to go home to her? Maybe go find a real cause rather than worry about something like this.
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    This is wear individual, business and government freedoms all collide. The Government (State and Local) have confused everyone - are masked required or not? Businesses can choose to require masks and as an individual, you can chose to go somewhere else. Let me warn you, don't try to take a flight on an airline, they require masks and strictly enforce the policy. Using the same logic used on TJ, you won't be flying anymore. - Point being we all have to make a choice - the mask thing is not going away anytime soon.
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    Thats the beauty of it all. You can choose to say F you to them and they can choose to require the masks. Masks are silly imo but I respect the places that require them and wear one or try and avoid the place in lieu of a place that doesnt require them.
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    Thank you! If you head over there you can get it for free because we actually left it on the fence! 😂
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    Rodinaz. Right on ..
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    Ctafoya is probably already on the list, but here is another reccomendation for him.