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    Been hitting the duck hunting hard this year. Haven't killed anything super cool, mostly widgeon, a few mallards, and green wing teal. Got this beauty Sunday and wanted to share.
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    Even though I will probably never draw a tag in my lifetime, I love seeing these guys. They are such amazing animals. This is a 24B ram, and not one that you’d see from one of the lakes. He looked to be a really good ram. Hopefully the video uploads with good clarity. IMG_1288.MOV
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    Man... its super slow in this place anymore, thought I would share a couple pic's from my recent endeavors. Hunted the late rifle and then stayed for the OTC archery. Killed a decent buck with the gun, rut was slow but we saw some great deer, watched a giant get killed, couple good one's gave us the slip. Archery hunt, the deer never really got going until the day before I left, saw a couple amazing bucks, just couldn't get it done. Had a great time with some buddies, also enjoyed a few days solo.
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    Lol it already sold to a buyer. I know it was worth much more. Just wanted quick money and got what I had paid for it. Thank you for looking out though
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    Kaibab hunt sounds like a nightmare with the guides that think they own the buffalo. AZGFD really needs to do something about those clowns.
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    Some good recommendations but in my opinion none of them touch a CVA paramount in 45 caliber. Has a renowned Bergara barrel and threaded barrel for a muzzle break which is a big deal shooting magnum loads. They shoot lights out way beyond 300 yards. Shoot Blackhorn 209 with power belt ELR’s and you will shoot MOA out to 500 yards. Price point is decent and best box muzzleloader out there. good luck in the draw! Mark
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    Raymond Ranch sounds better by every post.
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    A note to those who try the co op and then decide it's not for them. Before my hunt I coordinated with guys that had the tag before me. One guy did the co op and decided it wasn't for him. They ended up going on their own and got out to the salt by the park entry early. It pissed of Ned's kid and he got a bit belligerent with them and said something to the effect of if you can do what you want so can I. He went out in the meadow running around in circles to the point of redface and sweaty, then sat down right in the middle of the meadow. I was gonna post this way back when but decided not too just because I didn't wanna come off like a hater. But that was a BIG deciding factor for me to go diy and not even consider the co op. I ended up killing first morning with the help of running my own cams
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    True. It doesn't seem to take much. Spent break time today trying to find tune my sight with the new release. Feeling good for the am. Saw my target at first lite. Positioned myself for the interception and he never showed up. Saw him tonight as well but too close to private. Saw another shooter I've not seen before. He's officially option #2. Got an hour or so before work tomoro. See what happens...
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    Well shout out to crocket brothers archery down here in SV. Found out my arrows shoulda been 300 spine so I got a few. Also realized I was tweaking the string a bit with my release and possibly putting a bit too much pressure on it when touching it to my shnozz. So I upgraded my release. Found a target buck and don't wanna blow it. Got on him this am and just could not cut the distance in time. Tomorrow, maybe.....
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    Majority of the mature bulls will drop by mid March
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    It's worth north of $500. Someone pay him more than he is asking so you can sleep at night.
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    Eagar/springerville says it all.
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    I love my cva paramount pro 45 cal .Put a break on it from anarchy outdoors and run 115 gr by weight of blackhorn 209 with the elr powerbelt. The book has 105 by weight then cva said 112 by weight and then it was 115 by weight .There is no stated max like most muzzleloader rifles that are marked magnum rated which is a standard 150 gr by volume charge.Cva has backed off the 115 gr by weight and says no improvement on accuracy and is back to the 105 gr . At 115 my gun is moa or better and I have no problem ringing the steal plate at Rio Salado out to 300 the max I can shoot at the range. I do need to chronograph the thing since increasing the powder but it was at 2500 plus fps before and the accuracy is the same . I figure the extra powder is going to give me a little flatter shot and is worth the extra recoil.
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    My favorite Churchill quote: “If I Were Your Wife I’d Put Poison in Your Tea!” “If I Were Your Husband I’d Drink It”
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    Savage model 16 6.5 Creedmoor, stainless barrel, 1 in 8 twist. Boyds Featherweight thumbhole stock that has been pillar and glass bedded. PTG Stealth Detachable Magazine Bottom Metal with two 5rd magazines,. Vortex Viper rifle scope 4-12x40PA Dead-hold BDC (MOA). This is a great shooting rifle with around 100 rds fired through it. Rifle and scope package $700.00 Call or text Nate 480-6nine5-3two28. Located in Queen Creek, face to face sale.
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    Just think , by most turkey hunts …they are on the ground
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    I was looking at those a lot too. After doing all the math for getting gear with a new muzzy it seems a little expensive for me now. I'll still probably go with the cva optima first just to learn and do a few hunts. But then if I feel it nessesary after a few times I'll make the switch the the Paramount or whenever seems to be better at that time frame!
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    I sure hope that the lawsuits and such get the pistol brace crap the ATF has Fdup with them being the end all rulers. They can at will decide whether your ar is or not, judgement call by them, thats messed up.
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    LMAO that is what one member did last year after I kept showing up to his house and he kept uncovering more stuff he didn't want to pack cross country
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    Same as crazy monkey posted above. Start at Blackhorn 105 by weight and shoot elr 280’s. Shoot be lights out.
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    He did well!!! grass was high this year so finding pigs was a task and stalking wasn’t easy but we were able to get my son in to 27 yards and he got his first bow harvest I hope he is hooked for life with stick and string!!!
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    I usually use 40" fencing around my feeders here in AZ