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    I was up there last weekend. It was busy, no question and very windy. Fished the north side of the lake, one in our group picked up a decent rainbow trout on orange pb. I threw a a few panther martins, no takers. But I would say, definitely bring a craw trap. Raw chicken and I had more than enough for a good boil. Camped much further away from the lake and didn't see really any traffic.
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    Closure for San Carlos was extended to June 22nd at yesterday's tribal council meeting but here's some Bass for you from Talkalai Lake efforts yesterday. DAN
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    Yep. All these antifa fags think so at least.
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    So, I got home a few hours ago. We fished a few hours Fri night and 7a-1p today. Oddly, the fishing didn’t heat up until about 10a today. we caught mostly 11 inch stock stuff, with 3 12/13 Inch guys thrown in. Had a ton a fun. my son counted 145 people fishing at the lake, though. Haha.
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    They stink, 3yr old post, the rat fink pig is dead.
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    Monster ram but it is the state record archery rocky, not world record. Not by a long shot. 209" shot a couple years ago
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    Morning! LOL OK, let me spell it out for everyone. Amanda wants this to be a coues deer hunting site. She wants it focused primarily on hunting, scouting, tactics, camping, hiking, fishing, outdoors,, etc. The Terms & Rules that everyone here agreed to when joining spell-out pretty much what she doesn't want here. The problem with this latest topic that a tiny minority of users here want to focus on lately isn't that it is 'political'. The problem is that like with most hot topics, the tiny minority can't seem to debate & share info on it without crossing over into the stuff that Amanda doesn't want here. A few years ago the "Political" forum was added for this exact reason. Seemed that often times when there was a political topic not related to hunting, that it ended-up with the type of rhetorical BS that Amanda didn't want here. Hence to appease the few that couldn't seem to 'not' post that stuff, she started the Political forum so people could have a place to post, comment, and debate. (The funny thing is though, that of course it seems to get VERY little traffic. Sort of ironically, I've probably been one of the most active posters there! LOL) When invoking Amanda's will as a moderator, the choice becomes to simply delete the entire thread or to move it to the Political forum. For the novice internet user, keep in mind that if a post is moved or deleted and a new post is started in it's place to either whine about the post being removed/moved or to simply replace the original topic, then it's a pretty safe bet that the second topic will be deleted or moved as well. Shouldn't take a genius to figure that out. Also, please save the "free speech / censorship" arguments. To ensure everyone is on the same page, free speech applies to 'public' speech (which this is not). Censorship is what applies in this case, since it is a privately owned site. I think it would be awesome if there was LOTS of activity in the Political forum. Especially if it were to discuss truly meaningful topics (gun rights, healthcare, the deficit, social security, education, trade, etc...). All you guys should get the password and knock yourselves out. I'll be there too! Alright Delw, AZkiller, and a few of my other favorites. I'm ready now. Hit me with the name calling, and we can then maybe move on! 🤣 S. PS: I'm the most visible, but I am NOT the only moderator here. I'll definitely take credit when I delete/move a topic, but it's not always me. LOL PSS: Hopefully not necessary, but I'm happy to post the forum Terms & Rules if anyone needs the official reminder.
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    That sucks buddy. I have an old man, Winchester, that is 16. I dread the morning I wake up....and he doesn't.
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    My guess? Three year old tacos! Sorry. Maybe not so funny.
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    We shocked them, annual surveys, Talkalai still looking good as usual. DAN
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    I’ve got 3 RTIC’s and love them. Whether they hold ice longer or not, you don’t have to replace them every year is why i like them
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    Glad this post shows who these two individuals really are. Outfitters and their guides seems to be breaking rules more and more; flying units during seasons, pushing wildlife with helicopters, harassing wildlife on strip, poaching, crossing unit boundaries while hunting, spooking animals off tanks where hunters are sitting, checking cameras while hunters sitting at tanks, causing issues with DIY buffalo hunters, locking gates, shutting down and trying to shut down private ranches for outfitter access only, etc..... I’m tired of seeing and hearing about outfitters breaking rules and ruining the hunter experience for everyone else. A lot of outfitters stay within the rules but a lot are pushing the boundary and crossing the line for sure. Just do not understand how any of them should be able to keep or get their hunting or guide license back. AZGF needs to step up and put more officers in the field to help keep hunters and outfitters honest One officer to cover one or multiple units is just not going to keep everyone in check. ethics when it comes to hunting just doesn’t seem to exist anymore.
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    Becky – 20s Karen – 30s and 40s Susan – 50+
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    they didnt show alot of footage or talk about this on the news because of the rioting BS. Saw a clip this AM of them arriving at the space station. April goes how old are they so we looked it up. Doug Hurley is 53 and Bob Behnken is 49. we thought they would be much younger.. its pretty cool the technology to get people into space. Its pretty cool for sure.
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    Doesn't Don Martin (Arizona Wildlife Outfitters) do guided striper trips on mead?
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    could always buy a colt 1911a1😁😎
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    5 minutes on YouTube and you will be a Glock certified trigger specialist. I am probably the least handyman that has ever been born and even I figured out exactly how to change and polish a Glock trigger from YouTube.
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    Looking for the perfect fathers day watch? Nothing says "I've got a small pecker", or "I'm a total pud" quite like a $10,000 watch does.
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    Thanks for the tip on Rainbow lake guys...it didn't disappoint! I took the kids fishing up there this weekend. The big girls wanted to play! The lake only had a few boats and definitely wasn't crowded.