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    Arizona Governor Signs Bill to Defy Any New Federal Gun Control Laws
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    This is lunacy. If anyone really needs this ammo I bought some at Walmart for $20 last week. I’d be happy to pass it forward if you’re in the Tucson area.
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    I had a salesman from the Ride Now Peoria store tell me over the phone he didn't have time for a$$holes like me. I drove the fifty miles to kick his teeth in and ended up buying a Honda Pioneer from him.
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    I'm sure folks did that. But oh man, if the only way to get folks to be "considerate" is a government mandate, I'll suffer through the lack thereof. With that said- people are extreme on both ends of it. If a business says "no shirt, no shoes, no service"- I comply. Same with masks. However, I don't wear one on the hiking trail when passing somebody is a 10 second adventure. Folks who scream "your killing me" when they see someone without a mask are just as nuts and folks who scream "I don't have to wear one" when a business requires it. I just wish people would chill a bit, make some reasonable decisions, and not get all weirded out when someone has a slightly different take on things.
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    That's your generation.... My generation has.no safe places. Very few of you 'Tigers' get the whole respect thing. Maybe my dad was a lot stricter than most, he saw a lot in WWII and would have knocked me out if I called him dude. Growing up, the term 'bro' wasn't used by our particular ethnic group but that's changed. I call lots of dudes, bro. Kevin, will you be my bro, bro? No homo....
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    It's about as respectful in a client/customer setting as being called, "Dude." It's like jazz. If you have to ask you won't understand.
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    I got a 26" 1:9.4" .338 Proof Research Sendero CF barrel in a package deal. One of my buddies was going to buy it but his wife neutered him this weekend, so it is up for sale. I am selling for what it was worth in the package deal. $650 FTF. Would rather sell locally.
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    Your patronizing attitude is one of the problems, those holier than thou attitudes that no one cares as much as I do are causing a huge increase in domestic abuse/violence, increase in teen and young adult suicides' and depression.
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    Fellow outdoorsmen/women, I would first like to express my condolences to any who may have lost someone to this virus and for those that continue to deal with challenges from it. I pray for your endurance and speedy recovery. Despite all the varied opinions on best prevention, rights, and other nonsense the one thing that is certain is this has taken its toll physically, psychologically, and emotionally on people especially our young ones and elderly. We can't control alot of things but what we all can do is treat each other with dignity and respect. We never know what it took for that other person just to get out of bed each day. Give people the benefit of the doubt. Let go of old grudges. Tell our family everyday that we love them. Teach our kids to do good deeds for our elderly community. Be humble enough to allow ourselves to be wronged for the sake of peace. Stay safe and shoot straight, Mark
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    I combined some of the best footage over a three month period from one of my best trail camera spots.
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    Just figured I would give you guys a heads up if you have alum wire in your older houses, you might want to look at changing your 220 volt stuff over to Copper. over the years alum deteriorates via the heat and the heat from the amps causing it to get weak, when it gets weak it , and or connections loose up it over AMPS and Poof up in flames. our house we bought in 1982. 2nd time in 2-3 years, Luckly NO damage other than wires burnt to a crisp and some burn marks on drywall and some wood. Once A year I always made sure of the wires being tight in the Breakers. but never checked any other connections like wire nuts on the water heater connections or other appliances. Also if you have a alum wire burn at a connection replace the whole wire from where it starts at the BOX not cut off a foot cause the damage is already done to the wire. I ended up putting all the Garage 220 stuff on a separate sub panel (in the garage) then conduit to the dryer and Water heater today. Next couple of weeks A/c and Stove but those will be a little more labor intensive.
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    Nothing like you have. 😁
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    Well me and 3 of my fam are taking the plunge on friday for the vaccine.
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    I think most if not all guys that fish lees ferry would rather catch a nice brown and release it to catch again, than get $30.
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    The best thing people could do to stop the spread is but a heavy duty plastic bag over their heads and a 1/2 inch zip tie around their neck.
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    Like they should have been able to do since day 1.
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    I dont consider myself patronizing . Actually the opposite. I think schools should be opened up, and kids and teachers should be going back to the work place and lockdowns are b. s. However, I feel that if something as simple and as insignificant as wearing a mask in a public place ( and no, I am not a fan of wearing masks) can remotely slow down the spread and prevent more people from contracting COVID and possibly having long term damage, then why not? Until more of the population gets vaccinated, it can only help. I merely stated that Deuceys proclamation made a lot of people think they could do whatever they choose to. And I do feel that people who choose to go into markets or business that request mask usage without one are being inconsiderate of those who are concerned with their own safety. Even after my vaccination is supposed to be at full protection, I will still wear a mask in public buildings out of respect for others. It's not that big a deal to me.
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    Did he misappropriate your gender?
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    Welcome to the site, go to gunbroker instead
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    Sorry, I have to jump in here. Your body's first and only line of defense against a virus is your immune system once you've been infected. It doesn't incubate or reproduce in your mouth or on your skin - it replicates in your cells inside the squishy bits of your body. The only other line of defense you have is your skin and not putting something in a break in the skin (cut etc.) or your mouth/ eyes/ butt. Masks are not going to stop everything, and double masking is as much of a choice as not masking - it's whatever makes you comfortable. I liked the graphic below when the masking all first came out because it was close enough to be intuitive.
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    Thanks for this update Edge. It is great news and gives me hope for AZ. Eddie
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    I would expect fire bans by early May this year, but you never know. Most years they are in place by Memorial Day at the latest.
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    you wore a mask and you ended up in the hospital with covid...