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    Max got his Javelina and I couldn’t resist putting together a little something to show case his skull! We got to watch him and his dad through binoculars as he pulled the trigger with his pants down because he was in the middle of #2 when his dad told him get over here fast!!! 😂
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    It's been a while since I've been able to log in here. I've spent the last three weeks battling a nasty case of pneumonia. The first two weeks was a hospital stay Abrazo Arrowhead and then a move to the Center at Arrowhead rehab center, where I am now. I'll likely be here at least another week while I learn how to walk again. 😊
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    Thought I’d throw up a quick update. Got my mount back last fall but finally got around to hanging it this weekend. We have 22’ peaks in our house (which is a shop with living quarters) so we have to rent a scissor lift to hang anything heavier then deer!!!
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    $270 hit for me. Means both of my sons have rifle bull tags! Will be my younger son's first fall back since he went off to college out of state 4 years ago. SO excited to have the opportunity for the three of us to be back in the woods together!!! S.
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    Selling some pelts to pay for my hobby.
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    Friday morning had 2 hits. Was super stoked. 1 guarantee bull rut tag and another bull tag but possible early or late. Called my credit card right now to see if anymore and she said yes. Another 135. Is this fraud? I said heck no this is awesome. So now I have another rut bull tag. Insane
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    Since finally starting to apply for AZ a few years back, I have been lucky enough to get the opportunity to hunt Javelina 3 times. I had another great trip and was able to catch up with some guys that I met in AZ on my first hunt, which now I'm happy to say, are good friends. To top it off I was able to punch my 3rd Javelina tag on opening day. AZ has been very good to me, I wish I wouldn't have procrastinated so long.
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    If you land a buck during a bull elk hunt your gonna be in trouble.
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    Wouldn't some of the empty shelves be due to supply side shortages (CHINA!) rather than all demand driven shortages? If nothing else perhaps this bug will demonstrate to American consumers, stop relying on Chinese crap and demand American made goods.
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    Well thanks to Covid 19 the lines ain’t bad at Disneyland. I got to go on the Star Wars ride twice today 😂.
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    3000 people die from this virus and the world loses it's sh!t……...300,000 die from obesity and what do we do, introduce a new flavor of Dorito's...…….
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    Two charges - $90 and $135.....antelope (26pts) and bull elk (9 pts)....been a long wait!
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    The Swine flu killed 13000 people in the US in 2009-2010 during the Obama era. There was no market meltdown. No, OMG!, the world is ending. There was no 24/7 media coverage blaming people that have no business being blamed. This is a coordinated effort by the media to crash the market. It's purely a political scheme to hurt President Trump before the election. Period.
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    No issues and business as usual. This is no different that the usual flu, so media hype to drive out Trump. Unless you're fraile just like all other flues, there is nothing to stress about if you are healthy. Probably one of the best times to travel on the cheap. Great rates now on hotels, planes, cruises, and destination trips. Smokin deals now to Alaska for the summer trips.
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    They say alcohol kills the virus. I have been on a bender since this nonsense started, to keep myself safe. They better figure this chit out or im gonna need a new liver!
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    No one will lose any points. They stopped doing that. If your card is expired they just give you a “not drawn” and a bonus point.
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    Unused 6 pack of Charmin TP. I will trade for custom rifle or a 4WD vehicle. I can add a partial package of disinfectant wipes if needed.
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    Yeah, had a heck of time getting the collars cut off😁
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    I just got a hit just, just got a hit, shows Saturday but just showed up. Ya baby
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    What do you tell a lady with 2 black eyes? Nothing that’s big browns wife she’s already been told twice.
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    Well....you know for SURE, he didn't get to "hit it" last night.
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    Brian Call can pound sand. He’s a sellout BHA Green Decoy. That being said, i wish G&F would make January archery deer a draw hunt for non-residents. A game warden told me that out of all the people he checked in a particular unit, 80% were nonresidents.