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    My family and I went up past Woods Canyon Lake last week, for 4 days. It was crazy how busy it was. I've been up there multiple weekends for the last few month too, shed hunting. The amount of campers, and squatters is insane. We stopped at an old camp site (that some dipsh!ts left) and picked up 2 HUGE bags of trash. My kids hated doing it, but I'm trying to teach them respect for our public lands. I always leave the forest a better place than I find it. If I can teach that to my kids, I've done a good thing as a father.
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    I was talking with a group on another spot on this website, and I had a suggestion to start a thread on this. I am working to build a couple of longbows with my boys during this lockdown. I am a total hack here, learning as I go. No one has ever accused me of being wordy, but hope you enjoy it. All suggestions welcome- especially how to fix upsidedown photos. Drives me nuts. Generally, we were inspired by this youtube posting: I have attached an excel spreadsheet I built that details out the dimensions on the bow. Again, newbie on this, but I think it is right. Feel free to ask questions, but this spreadsheet does all the calcs for you automatically. The link to the spreadsheet is at the very bottom of this post. We started out by planning the dimensions of the bow (see upside down pic below). My guys still have a lot of growing to do, but to my surprise, their bows have to be pretty tall- 63 and 57 inches- see below. I found their draw lengths by this method: Fist to Mouth Measurement Unlike the first two full draw measurement methods described above, the fist to mouth measurement does not require any division. All you have to do is to have someone make one simple measurement. Position yourself so you are standing in front of a wall at about arm’s length away. For this measuring tactic, you are going to pretend you are holding a bow in the air. With one arm outstretched and formed into a fist (as if you are holding a bow in the air in front of you), rest your fist against the wall. Keeping your arm in position, take the other arm and draw back your hand to your cheek and mouth where your hand would be when in full draw. Remain in this imagined full draw position and consider your posture as you do so. Have someone measure from your mouth to your fist that is up against the wall to get your full draw measurements. Next, I wanted to keep this on the cheap but also use a good wood. We settled on using maple. Buying one 10' stick at home depot for $22. Backup was going to be poplar. We then cut the maple pieces to size and added drywall tape impregnated with wood glue for a fiberglass support. More purchases at Home Depot. I think we spent another $15 on the glue and the drywall tape. We let the glue dry for 24 hours. Using a chop saw, a box cutter, and a poorly made jigsaw, we cleaned put he bows into general shape. We then started working on the tillering tree. I used this post on youtube to make it. We are trying to make this as DIY as possible, so I went over to Four Peaks Archey in Mesa for some B 50 bow string to make our own bows. He's the most old school archery guy out there, and apparently the company who makes this string when out of business. He doesn't have a website, but here is a FB post. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Four-Peaks-Archery/170201606327001 It was surprisingly hard to find the string- I called 3-4 places before I remembered about Four Peaks Archery. Here is what I bought: I'll be following this post on youtube for the actual making of the string: Next steps: we will be doing some floor tillering to get the bow thin enough to put on the tillering tree for proper work. For that, I need to source a draw knife. Working on that. Bow Diagam and Calculation.xlsx
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    were at 137 deaths out of 4.5 million people. 93 days since the first covid case here. do some people still think we should be scared and quarantined? are there people who still think this wasnt a political tool?
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    Unit 1 was a little tough. Birds were chatty before the sun comes up, but go silent after they hit the ground. Sunday we didn’t hear a gobble. Caught this guy on Saturday and he was a nice bird. Very blessed with him. One tag left for my wife now.
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    Disperse all unused firewood? That's how I figure out which campsite to camp in. I love finding a nice pile of fire wood waiting for me when I arrive. Pretty much common sense is all it takes. . Pick up your trash.
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    Spring 🦃 went pretty good for me. Headed up for a quick hunt Sunday and after 1 and a half hours had a nice Tom come in.
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    scores are for sports. Hunting is for the sheer pleasure and memories. You can die of old age putting in for one of the"top tier" units, or be realistic and draw a tag and go hunting and hopefully kill a ram that brings you back to that day for years. I did in 2008 with 15 bpt.s
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    theres an RTIC in a dumpster in mesa, threw it there last night. left a bonito in it a year ago. youll need some bleach
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    Its the democrat's plan, socialism, this is a test and we passed lined up like sheep to slaughter. 99% of this is unconstitutional..
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    Dude you got powerlines in the Photo your busted guessing you were at a girlfriends house or somewhere you weren't suppose to be doing something your not suppose to be doing
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    Amazing. They came out of the west over Downtown Phx. Flew directly over my Carlot. Awesome ! God Bless the Military !
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    This photo of my wife Ellen is circa 1990s at Roosevelt. We were fishing with Curt Rambo and caught 101 crappie to go along with my article. "Crappie 101."
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    Based on antibody testing 15% of the state and over 20% of nyc has already had the kung flu with a whopping mortality rate of 0.5-0.6%. Like everywhere else the mortality rate for middle age and young people without pre existing conditions is dang close to zero. High risk people should self quarantine, everyone else should get back to their life’s. this whole thing has been a giant colossal chit show since the start. Government incompetence on full display. vote Ducey out that giant POS
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    Not to ruffle any feathers but this is what everyone wants their Creed to be. 😁
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    I thought this post was gonna be about Lark.
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    Pure ignorance. As I type this waiting for my next meeting to start at noon, my wife is on maternity leave with a 20 and 1 month old, running a 34 student online kindergarten class on Zoom, alone in the house while I'm telecommuting in a shed. She has no obligation to be helping her teammates on her FMLA yet she hasn't made a single complaint. Dang those money hungry teachers.
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    Masks are a fashion statement and something to show that your “#staying strong #alone together #whateverthefuck. The fancy bandana cotton types do no good to help anything except your online status.
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    If you have 10+ points this year you will definitely be guaranteed a 20b tag. With the same points you can draw the Oct rifle kaibab tag which IMO is a better hunt.
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    You don't have to hope that a lot of people have already been infected, it's a fact! There's are now studies coming in from multiple states, Cali & NY among them, and many European countries showing that this crap has been burning through the world's societies for a lot longer than admitted and it is already waaaaay past the point of containment. Every decision has a cost associated with it. The decision to stomp on everybody's freedoms & make the populace effectively prisoners in their own homes has already netted an uptick in child & spousal abuse, child molestation, alcohol & drug abuse, suicide, and people dying from lack of health care because they're either a.) too afraid to go to the hospital, or b.) the hospitals won't treat them. The "b.)" factor here has hit my family personally. I have a young nephew that has suddenly started having violent seizures. Hospitals won't schedule him for an MRI because their capacity has to be saved for Covid. He's up to I think 10 or so seizures in less than six weeks. This is a mild example, there's people around the country dying at home, because they can't or won't go to the Dr. A week ago a UN spokesman announced their predicting up to 130 million deaths of starvation world wide if the economy doesn't get up and going again very soon. Poverty kills more people than any virus around the globe. The cure was worse than the disease right since the beginning. Many people spotted this as the wrong move to make, it's been a political game right from the beginning. The people that are dying from suicide & poverty & lack of care will be swept under the rug & reported on very little if at all. The only thing that will make news is the covid crap and the number of covid deaths will be used as a sledge hammer to swing back & forth in debates & attack ads. Fear mongering makes the media money and it keeps useless politicians in office. I would be willing to bet that 90% of the "covid deaths" were people that were really short on time anyway, and would have died just as easily from any ailment. Any common cold or flu bug is sufficient to finish off someone that's already terminally ill.