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    Got My Osceolla Turkey yesterday in the wind and Drizzle here in Florida . Been waiting along time to get this done as I am a Turkey Freak. Still raining today , I'M ready for the Beach. These guys are a smaller bird and quiet too. Luckily it didn't take me long. Looking to hunt Georgia too ! Enjoy...............BOB!
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    A big group of my hunting buddies and I drove up to the San Carlos Reservation on Friday morning to chase turkeys for the weekend. We got to our campsite around 2:30pm and got the wall tent and kitchen set up. After consulting OnX, we figured out where each group was going and hit the road for a little evening scouting. It was the first weekend of the first season on the San Carlos, so we couldn’t actually hunt until Saturday morning. My hunting partner and I opted for a spot close to camp, hoping to minimize the drive time the next morning. We drove our road from about 4pm until just before sundown, without locating any birds (about 10 miles out-and-back with no gobbles). We had the windows down, heading back towards camp when I thought I heard a gobble. We stopped the car and listened for 5 minutes… nothing. I was sure I heard a tom! My hunting partner climbed back in the rig, probably thinking I was pulling his chain. He shut the door and BOOM - gobbles. Perfect. We had at least two toms roosted and were even able to see one of them roosted halfway up a ponderosa. We dropped a waypoint on OnX and made our way back to camp. After a good night’s sleep, we were up and at ‘em at 4:15am with coffee and premade breakfast burritos on the wood stove. While we were packing the truck, it started to snow (NOT IN THE FORECAST!). We made the short drive to our spot, parking 600 yards from where we had roosted the birds the night before, and heard the gobblers going off! That made it easier to pick a good spot to set up in the dark. The snow was really starting to come down as we made it into our spot and set up our decoys. I only started hunting turkeys in the past few years, so I was unsure how the weather would affect the birds. But I was convinced our toms would just hangout on the roost all day because I sure as heck wanted to be back in the warm truck! We made a few quiet yelps to let the gobblers know where we were and sat back. They gobbled for the next 30 minutes, without us prompting them. We felt like we were in a good position and made another quiet yelp sequence to keep them intrigued. 15 minutes before sunrise we heard some gobbles 100 yards to the north of where our birds were roosted. It was either another set of toms that we hadn’t known about OR our birds had gotten down out of the roost without us hearing them. It ended up being the latter! The next 5 minutes was chaos, with the gobbles getting closer and closer. Each time they gobbled, I could feel it more and more in my chest. I understand the thunder chicken moniker now! I began seeing movement 75 yards out, which was a feat with the snow coming down in droves. I didn’t know it in the moment, but I think the snow covered up our decoys making it harder for the three incoming toms to know where we were. They missed the “X” and were moving to my left. In doing so, they forced me to rotate my sitting position and turn my shotgun towards the birds who were in the open at 25 yards. Aiming at the middle tom, I squeezed the trigger and CLICK. While trying to be quiet at the truck earlier that morning, I guess I hadn’t let the bolt slam all the way closed on my 3.5” shell and had a misfire. Trying to not the let moment pass me up, I cycled the bolt on my shotgun and got another round in the chamber. With all that noise, the turkeys knew something was up. They were confused and fixin to leave, but not before I got a shot off! What a cool morning! I had my first tom on the ground after an exciting hunt and the pictures in the snow will remind of this weekend forever. Side note: we filled my buddies tag in a similar fashion on Sunday morning, after it had warmed up a bunch. I’m hooked - and we will be back in the turkey woods next spring. CHEERS and thanks for reading! -MM
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    Tessa and myself just returned from a successful hunt with Heart of Texas Outfitters it was an awesome hunt we saw hundreds of sheep Tessa shot a giant 34 inch super heavy ram . She made a super tuff 575 yard shot down in a deep hole took several hours to pack out through a lot of nasty cat claw . I shot my ram at 600 yards he’s 31.5 and really wide. I missed a ram that may have been bigger than hers . So once again she has the bragging rights
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    If you’re serious about a guide and have some money, hire az ground pounders. They consistently kill the biggest bulls out of 23. I wouldn’t let A3 guide me if it was free
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    My gf and I went out this morning looking for some lion tracks and wound up in brown town. The first one I found you can see where the bull had bedded down and lost it at some point during the night (a first for me ).While trying to match him up I stumbled across a super nice 6pt. After walking around trying to match the two we gave up and headed to town for some lunch. After lunch On our way back in my gf yelled for me to stop the truck because she saw an antler on the fence line. I stopped and she matched up the big 6 over a mile away from where I found the other side. Unfortunately he was broke at his 5 and 6 point. So we went back to hit another canyon hoping to match up the first antler and found another decent set. I taped the biggest bull and if the broken part matched his other side he would score right at 345”.
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    Hopefully all those disenfranchised will quit putting in so they don't have to deal with it anymore.
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    Would you want to come and referee this train wreck? Its unfortunate that we could run someone into the ground so hard over football picks that he doesn’t bother to share his experiences with us. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if this is a hunting website or a frat party. On an up note, 308nut posted recently, a name we haven’t seen in a long time. Hopefully with some tags in hand and turkey season approaching we can see more hunting, scouting and conservation content.
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    Looking through an old photo album I'd come across untitled, undated pics of a tall, lanky young man. He's wearing a khaki outfit and judging from the old cars and uniform style, I guess it was taken early 1940s. No relations from that generation are alive to tell me who some of these people from nearly a century ago are. An old aunt gave me the photos, she thinks he's maybe a nephew or cousin. She wasn't around yet when the family settled in Phoenix after the Mexican Revolution. She was an uncle's 2nd wife. Yesterday while looking online for more info on my great grandfather, I found a cousin named for him. He's the man in my photo album wearing the khakis. Guess you could say he was a hunter. Hunting the enemies of the United States. Lots of info about him exists on the internet, turns out he was a pretty good pilot serving in WWII, Korea and Vietnam. Winning 3 Distinguished Flying Crosses, 3 Air Medals and achieving Ace status piloting the P-38. Much respect.
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    Wife is a proud owner of an early rifle bull unit 10 tag!
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    Major Changes/Proposed Changes/Recommended Closers It’s been happening to us hunters for some time now. Slowly but surely we are losing more and more hunt opportunities and just not archery deer hunts. There are many reasons I’m not aware of but I’m leaning towards anti hunting pressure rather than (Hard Data/Facts) from AZGFD. Just my humble opinion! TJ
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    Neither the brown or the rainbow are native. The only AZ native trout are the Gila & the Apache.
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    Sad to see but they have to do something. I’d like to see them keep coues as otc but limit mule deer in some units
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    I like Tony, I hope he is doing well.
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    If I lose my 27BPs for pronghorn, someone at GFD is losing their scalp.
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    Good to see you back! We’ve got too dam many people in this country and world and it’s boiling down to a supply and demand. The demand is up and the supply is going down. Unfortunately it won’t get any better ever again. We literally have just lived through “the good old days” of hunting in our country and I’m guessing most of us (myself included) were too busy thinking about the earlier “good old days” to notice it.
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    Holy crap..... That actually worked on someone????
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    I spoke with Tony this morning and he is still doing fine.
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    I have a buddy in Texas who has what you need. Just give him a call. good luck.
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    7w archery bull. Ran to bull basin and bought a new V3 31 to celebrate the tag! Ya I'm a little excited!
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    I started my elk hunting yesterday 🙃! No tags for us!
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    Unit 10 it is! Got through on the phone.
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    HuntHarder & AzKiller You are totally taking things out of context. 1st. I am a die hard working class hunter that still gets a paycheck every week. I pay a mortgage , My Sweetheart and I are still raising kids. 2nd There is one thing in life you cant buy more of and thats TIME. So I want to spend it wisely and unselfishly. 3rd. Guiding 2 or 3 hunts a year in no way puts me at the level of full times guides. They are the best. I specialize in a few units . 4th. Facts are not Arrogant and Arrogancy is not the fact. 5th We would of taken a different approach had AZGFD and The Commissioners had. 6th. You cant negotiate with CORRUPTION! If we met out hunting I'm positive we would get along just fine because we have the same passion for the hunt. Thank you guys for responses and your criticism it is well noted. Thank God we still live in a country where we can bitterly disagree with our government and not go to jail! Let Freedom Reign in the Heart of every American!
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    The first rule of profile pictures is you don't ask about profile pictures......