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    Tessa was able to take this buck on the last day of her hunt. We saw over 100 bucks and this was the biggest taped him right at 180. Off to Wyoming next month for buffalo
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    Haven’t taped him but probably 158. Decent mass but short. It was time. I feel like I should make another thread with pics and more concise
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    Unit 27, late October coues deer hunt. We packed in and filled 2 of 4 tags. I also killed my best buck yet! video is live on the tube (it’s a little long but I cut a lot out. 9 days out there is tough to condense):
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    So my oldest son wanted to go deer hunting with me today. It has taken a little getting used to with him being his own person, school, work, and doing his own thing. So when he asked to go, I made sure it was gonna happen. well deer hunting was a little slow, so we made it home around 2:00 pm. Gage then told me he wanted to go somewhere we could do some calling and glass for deer. We loaded the truck again, and off for the last part of our day. We made it to an area we hadn’t looked at for deer yet. made our first stand and blanked. Stand number 2, and at about the 12 minute mark, the 12 gauge barked. I looked to my left to see the dust clear and coyote number one was on the ground. stand number 3, at about the 12 second mark, and again the scatter gun made its point! Dog number 2 was in the bag! Great time with a great young man! Thanks buddy! Oh and this was Gages first two coyotes with the shotgun!
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    Some of you are ill. Some of you are struggling. Some of you I've argued with. Some of you are friends. And some are doing well. To ALL OF YOU : MY VERY BEST WISHES FOR HEALTH, SAFETY, PROSPERITY, AND HAPPINESS. YOUR GOD'S (KARMA, MURPHY'S, or WHATEVER YOUR BELIEF) LOVE BE YOURS. Russ Thank you ALL!
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    It ended up being 161 9-10 years old at azgfd today
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    We didn’t make it out opening weekend due to work and school schedules. We went in early Monday morning. We were able to find a buck and get him killed about noon on Monday. We found another buck first thing Tuesday morning and got him on the ground too. It was my nephew Bryson’s first buck. He was pumped! We even found a dead head! check out the video:
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    Couesdeerhntr, Appreciate your post. I to am very healthy, no underlying health issues and have no concerns about getting the virus. I wear a mask because I care about my neighbor, I have empathy and I feel compassion for others. Life is a gift and we are taught to love our neighbors as ourselves. If there is a 1% chance that wearing a mask could protect a vulnerable individual than I am all in and I will teach my family the same principles because I am modest, yes I have free will but that comes with consequences good or bad, and if the worst thing that comes is I teach my son that the world doesn't revolve around him and being uncomfortable is sometimes necessary to show true love and empathy than I guess I can sleep well. Stay safe all, Mark
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    The best part of this whole thing is that this dude is out shooting deer and pigs. Meanwhile all you dudes are busy measuring peckers on the internet and trying to one up each other with who can claim the most obscure 6.5 cartridge.
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    Well the youngest drew another youth tag this year. I was able to go out the day before the hunt and check the areas from last year, with no deer being found. 5 miles of boot leather and 120 mile on the tire tread, and I could not find a single deer. Our close family friend Luke was able to go out with us on opening day. We were able to find three does first thing in the morning, and not another deer was seen until 5:30 that afternoon. Luke came through once again, when he was able to glass a single deer. We were able to confirm not only was it a buck, but he was definitely a shooter. We were able to hike into the area, and get Gavin set up. Luke ranged the buck, and I dialed the scope. Gavin made a great shot, and his tag was filled. I’m starting to think he has a thing for 3x4’s as this is second one in two years. This is his best buck to date. Great day in the woods, with a great kid and, a great friend!
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    I feel kinda bad because I could have made it a lot more interesting and more updates here. But, I hadn’t seen that other hunter. I wasn’t sure how he was doing, I knew we were doing good and I didn’t really want him to catch wind and come over and hunt. It’s a big area but at the same time it wasn’t. As far the size goes, we had our chance at an over book Ram on the 5th day. I had a lot of help, all I really did was organize it and I got all the proper permits for us. I tried to get a jimmy johns size group but it ended up being my dad and I, along with 1-3 other dudes at a time. Wish2hunt, Len, Dave, Donnie, whom I have never met, went way out of their way to help us. And my 2 friends Justin and Zack also came a few days. this is what it looked like where I was glassing from all day, almost everyday. looking north the pics make it look smaller and not steep, but its some steep rugged stuff.
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    This is such a badass thread. Major props to you guys for sticking it out and pulling out an awesome sheep. In today’s world where everyone obsesses over score and hunting that has become so commercialized with everyone hiring team so-and-so to “make the most of their tag” it’s is awesome to see some dude’s just lace up, figure it out and get it done. Way to figure it out and stick with it. Major props dude.
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    900 million for gender studies, wtf you dont know the diff between and outie vs innie. 1billon to a museum, 100 million to Zimbabwe and a trillion to build a wall around jordan as illegal immigration ia illegal, but the fence in on southern border is bad. Im shocked pelosi didnt say must pass to know whats in it. All freaking crooks, should all be in prison
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    It’s just a ram, 158 about. Pretty much Only took pics that make it look bigger. going to write a story and put some pics, I want to make sure I give thanks to everyone that helped us out.
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    Seriously though. I am doing an ammo purge. Here's the deal. I will post a deal a few times from now until Christmas. Each one will last 24 hours, or until I think it is getting outta control. Pick up is in Mesa/Tempe. Maybe within 20 miles but that may also require Christmas Tamales or libations. Hight bid wins. All proceeds will be given to Amanda to support this website. Happy Holidays.
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    I put 4 stalks on this buck Friday but each time busted by one of his 11 does. Caught up with him again Saturday morning and made what I thought was a very marginal shot. Playing safe, I spent the rest of the day glassing, trying to find him with the optics to no avail. The following morning dropped into where he took off after the shot and found him within 200 yards. The arrow, although farther back then I would have preferred, did catch vitals so I'm sure he was done within a couple of minutes. Don't mind the long hair. It's Covid season and I'm living my best Tom Hanks from Cast Away.
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    Listen to this then. the first weekend on his way out Wish2hunt sends a pic of all the optics he was bringing. He said I’m bringing x amount of “glass.” So the next weekend he hits me up and says he’s coming out, have a cocktail ready. I said cool. He said you guys need anything, I said no just bring your glass. This guy shows up a couple hours later with a glass for me to pour a drink in. I about died laughing. I just meant the binos lmao
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    I know im old school but even thinking about a battery saw makes me want to shoot a 6.5 CM and have a manbun
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    They got one down! One to go! Thanks Stanley for the info
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    Guys, how long is it going to take for everyone to realize that NoBull = BC777 = BLOWENS? Its all the same dude and he is a textbook narcissist. He can't be in the spotlight with legit hunting stories because he is revoked for the next decade and can't ever guide again so in order to feed his ego he comes to this site and trolls. He is obsessed with making others look bad in order to justify in his own mind that he isn't a failure. He can't stop measuring himself against other people, especially people who are actually successful at something. No need to feed his ego. He can talk all the smack he wants but he can't go hunting. Why give him the satisfaction of engaging in his futile ramblings? Go ahead BLOWENS, proceed to make fun of my family. Heck, my handicapped son is an easy target, even you could probably come up with something clever to say about him. But it won't fill that dark ugly hole in your soul that you try to fill with poached animals and lame insults and vain irrational comparisons. Nope. You'll still be irrelevant no matter what you say. You'll still wonder why your daddy didn't love you, or why your uncle loved you so much. So take your best shot. I won't be looking.
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